Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Wee Wee Camp: Day One"

Starring Henry Humper And Introducing The Tittie Matriarch, June
Humper In A Story That Puts The Fun In Dysfunctional And Breaks All
The Boundaries Of Good Taste.
And Now, From The Uncensored Files:
"Wee Wee Camp: Day One"
Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

"Mom, hey, Mom!" Henry Humper yelled as he opened the door of the
home he shared with his mother, Hilda and his older sister,
Harriet. "I got my report card, Mom, and guess what?"

"Henry, must you make so much noise?" his beautiful, buxom mother
asked him in reply, coming down the stairs to join her son in the
front hall of their home. "You sound like a herd of elephants
sometimes, I swear."

"But Mom!" he repeated. "I got my report card, and guess what? I got
all As!"

"Henry, I am so proud of you," Hilda told him, reaching out and
stroking the side of his cheek with her well manicured right hand. "I
knew you had done well, I already spoke to some of your teachers, and
I really can't tell you how proud I am. In fact, I have planned a
special surprise for you."

"Wow, Mom, thanks," said Henry excitedly, unbuttoning his trousers
and lowering the fly.

"No, Henry," said Hilda, laughing at his automatic response. "I have
an even better surprise. I'm sending you to visit Grandma June and
Grandpa Ward at the farm for a week. What do you think of that?"

"You mean I'm going to wee wee camp?" queried Henry, zipping his
pants back up.

"Tee hee hee," giggled Hilda. "I guess Grandma June does like to play
with your big fucker a lot, doesn't she? I'm glad you're excited,
sweetie. You deserve this."

"No shit, Mom?" Henry asked her, his eyes gazing raptly at the
inordinate amount of cleavage showing, squeezing out of the low cut
white blouse she had stretched over her mammoth knockers, a blouse
probably one size too small considering that it looked like she had
forced two midgets under it with much difficulty.

"No shit, sweetie," Hilda replied, smiling as her boy gaped at her
bulging bazooms. "You're really going to stay a week with your
grandparents. You should have a lot of fun. You can help Grandpa
around the farm, milking cows, feeding the livestock and you can eat
a lot of your Grandma June's homemade chocolate chip cookies. I
figure my big boy deserves it when he gets all As. Your junior high
guidance counselor was wrong, Henry. You're not a moron after all."

"Milking cows? Eating chocolate chip cookies?" Henry laughed out loud
as he patted one of his mother's oversized glands with an open hand
and then gave it a playful pinch. "What the fuck are you talking
about? I'm going to motherfucking wee wee camp. The only work I am
worried about doing is feeding my pet snake. Grandma June just wants
me to visit so she can see the pride of the Humper family again."

Henry pointed down at his groin area as he continued.

"Grandma may be an old broad, but she is still one big-tittied bitch
just like you are, Mom. Going to see June is like going to Big Tittie
City and Wee Wee Central. And Granny will do about any crazy shit."

By now Henry had a hand down Hilda's blouse and his right hand
fondled her giant left tit, squashing the pliable abundance of flesh.

"Why, Henry, you really are a naughty boy, tee hee, grabbing Momma's
big fucking tittie like that," Hilda said, smiling indulgently at her
youngest child. "I'm so glad you're excited, sweetheart. I really am."

"Oh, you bet I am, Mom," said Henry eagerly, already going over in
his mind the way his grandmother always let him play with her huge
flesh balloons, which were even larger than the ones he now had his
hands on. "I think my wee wee is more excited than I am."

"Tee hee hee, Henry," replied Hilda with her trademark girlish
giggle, looking down at the huge bulge forming in the front of her
son's trousers. "Why, I think your excite-o-meter must be at about a
ten, baby."

"Oh, you bet it is, Mom," laughed Henry, blushing slightly as his
mother glanced at the tent he was pitching in his Dockers. "Grandma
June loves to play with my big fucker, and she lets me play with her
big old titties any time I want. This will sure beat that summer camp
you used to send me to."

Henry reluctantly removed his hand from his mother's massive mammary
mound and reached his hand into his trousers to rearrange himself and
relieve the pressure his erect phallus was placing on the front of
his pants.

"I think I'm going to go upstairs and get packed, Mom," he said
excitedly. "I'm going to wee wee camp, I'm going to wee wee camp. I
can't fucking wait!"

"Yes, you should pack," Hilda agreed, stepping close to him, her
mountainous mounds way ahead of her, so fucking large that her blouse
looked as if it could be hiding Saddam's missing weapons of mass
destruction. "But I think we need to unpack first, sweetie."

"Unpack?" Henry asked her, confused as she practically shoved her
monstrous set towards him as one of her barely restrained tits
heavily bumped his arm and then brushed against it.

"Yes, baby. We need to unpack something very important," Hilda
huskily cooed, grinning wickedly as she breathlessly undid the front
of his pants. "We need to unpack this big weapon of yours before you
pack any fucking shit, sweetheart. Actually, your excite-o-meter is
about a twelve right now, isn't it?"

"Wow, I think my excite-o-meter is off the fucking scale," moaned
Henry, as his mother extracted his already fully tumescent twelve
incher from his underwear and wrapped her dainty, well manicured hand
around it.

"Oh, Henry," Hilda murmured softly to him. "I can hardly get my
little hand around your big fucker, tee hee hee."

Hilda grinned lasciviously as she grasped his rampant rod firmly and
began to slide her hand up and down the entire length of his shaft, a
motion that had Henry's breathing labored and ragged in no time.

"Holy fucking shit!" Henry cried out as his mother's touch drove him
wild with longing, her experienced digits expertly manipulating him
until he was crying out loud. "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"We need to unpack something else too, sweetie," big-tittied Hilda
said in a sultry voice as she rubbed his snake. "In fact, two

Hilda slowly unfastened the buttons on her blouse and shrugged it
from her shoulders, allowing it to drop to the floor between them.
Her bra soon followed, exposing the huge expanse of her feminine
assets, already heaving and bouncing in anticipation. Her huge pink
areola and pert, pink nipples were swollen and erect, standing out at
right angles from her body, pointing invitingly in Henry's direction.
Her breasts were full and heavy, and the mere sight of them caused
Henry's big dick to stretch out even further and increase in girth

"Holy motherfucking shit!" Henry Humper screamed as his big-tittied
parent stroked his foot long planting tool, pulling down on it like a
cow's udder.

And speaking of udders, Henry gasped as Miss Humper's soccer ball
abundance of fleshy fullness and bountiful boobiness flowed out of
her hammock-sized brassiere like a dirty Jack In The Box Christmas
gift given for the full benefit of his boner that she yanked
voraciously on to induce his seedy discharge. Henry's hands caught
her whoppers as they leaped into his large hands which were still not
large enough to hold them. He felt like a five-year-old boy trying to
palm a basketball and weeping as he failed. Except that he didn't
weep. He kneaded, pulled, tugged, fondled, and stretched her firm,
proud, yet soft megatits like a greedy pimp.

"Oh, Henry," Hilda squealed. "Nurse me! Nurse me! Suck my big fucking

Henry eagerly complied, his mouth opening, his lips wrapping around
her firmly erect nipple and drawing on her so strongly that she felt
a familiar stirring in her pussy and an ever increasing dampness in
her panties.

"Ohhhh, nurse my big fuckers, Henry! Ohhhhhhhhh!"

Hilda continued to pull on his pecker, using the motions that her
father had taught her when she was a girl, back on the farm, milking
the cows as part of her daily routine. "Squeeze and pull, squeeze and
pull," she chanted in a low, breathy whisper as Henry began to thrust
in her direction, her hand on his male organ exciting him so
exquisitely that it was akin to pain. He continued to draw hungrily
on her huge, heavy hooter, his hand grasping her other fleshy globe
and kneading it, pulling it, tugging on her nipple, tweaking it,
driving Hilda nearly insane with the pleasurable sensations flowing
from the peaks of her titties.

"I love school! I love to study all kinds of shit!" Henry hollered
loudly between sucks and draws on her silver dollar areola and long
pointed nipples, sucks that drew nothing but titillation for his at
the moment overworked wee wee as Hilda pulled up and down on the
tight skin of his swollen staff. "The fucking packing can wait, you
big tittied bitch! I'm having too much fun with the fucking unpacking
now! Mmmmppppphhhhhh!"

Hilda smiled broadly as pre-cum dribbled from Henry's oversized
private parts. He hadn't nursed her titties this good since
elementary school.

"Goodbye, sweetie," Hilda hugged her departing boy in the airport
terminal, one arm going around his broad shoulders and the other
dropping as her right hand sneakily cupped his cock and balls through
the fabric of his pants.

"I'm going to miss you, Mom," said Henry sweetly, holding his mother
in a tight embrace and brushing the side of her face with his lips.

"I'm going to miss, you too, Henry," Hilda giggled, giving
his slightly engorged pecker a tender squeeze before releasing it and
returning her son's embrace.

Henry's flight was on time, and as soon as he had disembarked, he
walked into the arrivals area of the airport, scanning the crowd of
people waiting to locate his grandmother and grandfather.

"Yoohoo, Henry, over here!" he heard his grandmother's distinctive,
sweet and, despite her age, girlish voice call out. "I'm over here,

Looking in the direction of the voice, he saw his grandmother, June
across the room, waving frantically at him to garner his attention.
She was a beautiful woman, still youthful in appearance despite her
almost sixty years, still in proud possession of a voluptuous figure,
not unlike his mother's except June's breasts were even fuller and
heavier than his maternal parent's. She had a pretty face, still
unlined, but with perhaps a bit too much make-up on it, her almost
platinum blonde hair styled in a fashion more suited to a woman at
least a decade younger. She was wearing a short, tight skirt that
accented her long and still shapely legs, but it was the upper part
of her body that immediately drew Henry's attention. Her enormous
breasts were barely encased by the sheer blouse she was wearing, its
thin fabric allowing Henry to see underneath it to the pretty
flowered brassiere she wore, straining to contain the megaton bomb-
sized boobies it was barely encasing. The cups of her bra weren't
adequate to restrain all of her finest assets. The top swell of her
breasts overflowed her cups, rising above them like cake batter
overflowing the baking pan, and, not surprisingly, Henry's teenaged
and very male eyes were riveted by them.

"Holy shit, Grandma," he said, quickly closing the distance between
them, opening his arms to embrace his favorite grandmother. "I think
your big fucking titties are even bigger than I remembered. Wow,
those fuckers are huge!"

"Oh, Henry, you always say the sweetest things to me," June replied,
returning Henry's hug before pushing him away from her with her arms
and using her eyes to look him up and down, measuring him for any
changes since they had last seen each other.

"Why, Henry," she said in amazement, taking in his height and the
width of his shoulders. "I think you've grown at least a couple of
inches since I saw you last, and your shoulders are so broad! You're
growing up so fast!"

"Yeah, I'm almost six feet now, Grandma," he told her proudly,
straightening up so that she could see for herself. "And I'm filling
out nicely too."

"Let me be the judge of that, sweetie," the big-boobed grandparent
spoke naughtily, reaching down with her right hand and grasping the
front of his trousers. "Has your big fucker filled out too?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh, baby," June cooed as her fingers slid deftly over every
inch of his crotch. "My goodness, sweetie. It feels mighty big down
there, Henry. I mean, I can't see him right this moment, but he feels
so fucking long and thick as I'm touching you. How big are you now,

Instead of replying with the obvious answer of "twelve inches" Henry
retorted, "Pretty fucking big, Grandma. You're going to be pretty
surprised, I'll tell you that. And I think you're making him bigger
by the second."

"Oh, Henry," June gushed, her hand now tenderly petting the lump that
was growing under her hand. "I can't wait to see him. We'll have to
set aside some time for Granny to spend just with wee wee. Okay, big

"Sounds good to me, Grandma," Henry replied as June hugged him again.

"You know what makes wee wees grow up big and strong?" June asked her
grandbaby as she squashed her twin peaks into his chest as she hugged
him, her other hand still toying with his now cartoonish crotch
area. "My homemade chocolate chip cookies. They will keep wee wee
hard and long and happy, Henry. Keep your strength up and the blood
flowing right to where it should flow."

"Oh, Grandma, I can't wait," Henry blushed as one of his hands
brushed against her mashed twin titans that crushed into his chest,
his fingers touching the excess cleavage flesh that oozed from the
neckline and the weakened and compromised bra that only thought it
held her pert pair of glorious globes intact, being the strongest
support June could hope for with her almost K cup hooters. Henry was
excited as shit.

"Well, Henry," said June Humper, stepping back from her grandson and
reluctantly releasing her grasp on his now almost fully erect
phallus. "We better be getting your luggage and then heading home.
Grandpa Ward will be wondering what has happened to us. Do you think
that will hold you until we get home?"

"Oh, Grandma," Henry responded, sadly letting his fingers fall from
where they were fondling her fabulously fulsome fleshbags. "You can
hold me any time."

The drive to the farm was a short one, about fifteen minutes, so it
wasn't long before June turned the family car up the long, curved
driveway, finally coming to rest in front of the barn, which was
situated only about twenty-five feet or so from the most often used
back door of the turn of the century farmhouse.

"You get your bags out of the trunk and go on inside to see Grandpa
Ward," said June, turning off the ignition as she spoke. "I better
stay here for a second and clean your jism off the dashboard and
windshield before your grandfather sees it. He tends to be really
anal about keeping the car clean. Run along now. I'll be inside in a

June popped the trunk lid from inside the car, allowing Henry to
retrieve his luggage and walk in the direction of the house. Opening
the door without knocking, he entered the house, placed his single
suitcase on the floor and called out, letting his maternal
grandfather know he had arrived.

"Grandpa, are you here?" he called out, his eyes sweeping the kitchen
as he did so. "It's Henry. I'm here!"

"Henry!" Ward, his 65-year-old grandfather called out
enthusiastically as he came down the stairs. "How the hell are you,
boy? I haven't seen you in ages. How you doing?"

"I'm doing great, Grandpa," Henry said with a smile as he shook his
grandfather's hand and then gave him a hug. "How are you?"

"Oh, same old, same old," Ward said, grinning as he put a hand on
Henry's shoulder. "Just trying to keep this farm up. The days of
family farms are numbered, I'll tell ya. How them girls back home
treating you, Henry? You still dating all those big-tittied

Henry laughed out loud at his grandfather's question.

"Oh, yeah. I'm dating a couple of the blonde busty ones now. They're
stacked as shit, Grandpa. Big round heavy knockers. There's nothing
better than that."

"I always did think you were a chip off the old block, Henry," said
Ward proudly, glancing at his only grandson with great pride. "You
always did remind me of me when I was young. Where's your

"She's just putting the car away, Grandpa," Henry replied, genuinely
happy to see his mother's father again. "She should be in here in
just a sec."

The words were no sooner out of his mouth when June Humper opened the
door and stepped inside, placing her purse on the chair just inside
the door.

"Well, Ward, what do you think of our boy here? Hasn't he grown?"

"He sure has, June," Ward answered her, his eyes glancing down at her
massive chest, almost out of habit, a sight he never tired of, even
after all their years together. "He's grown to be a mighty handsome

"Henry," said June, nearly cutting her husband off mid-
sentence. "Would you like me to take you up to your room so you can
freshen up a bit after your trip?"

"That sounds like a good idea," Ward agreed, still looking at June's
tits in her low cut blouse. "He can get all his belongings situated
in the guestroom and rest a tit, er, I mean bit, after his long

"Come on, sweetie," June told her grandson as she grabbed one of his
bags and headed for the stairs. "We'll go get you settled in so you
can unwind before dinner. Those flights can tire you out and take a
lot out of you."

"Okay, Grandma," Henry replied with an agreeable grin and tone. "I
haven't been in the guestroom for a while and I sure am tired."

"Then let's get you situated," June said, anxious to see Henry's wee
wee again in the privacy of the spacious guestroom.

The busty grandmother headed upstairs with a bag, her own set of bags
bobbed as she ascended the staircase. Once upstairs, June guided
Henry down the hall and showed him into the guest bedroom, a bright,
sunny, airy room just across the hall from the one she had shared
with her husband for the last forty-three years.

"The bathroom is in here, Henry," she showed him, pointing at the
closed door on the right side of the room. "I'm sure you'll want to
get washed up before you rest. I know how grubby travelling can make
you feel."

"Thanks, Grandma," said Henry, opening the door and going to the sink
to splash some warm water on his face and give his hands a thorough
cleaning. "This room will be great, Grandma. Thanks for letting me
stay here for a few days. I was so excited when Mom told me I could

"Oh, I'm sure you'll be coming lots, Henry," said June with a naughty
wink, sitting down on the edge of the bed and patting the space
beside her. "Want to check out the firmness of the mattress, sweetie?"

"Wow, Grandma, do you mean.........?"

"Yes, Henry, I mean....."

"Holy fucking shit, do I!" Henry shouted, quickly taking his pants
off and slinging them across the room as his underwear quickly

Half an hour later...........

"Oh, Grandma, my wee wee feels good," Henry remarked with a sigh as
he pulled his polka dot boxers up around his waist. "That felt so
nice, Granny."

"It sure did, Henry," June remarked with a naughty sideways look,
having only managed to get her panties back on, both sides of her
bloated chest looking about the size of the heads on Mount
Rushmore. "What a doozy, sweetiepie. I forgot just how big you were,
Henry. You're hung like a fucking horse."

Feeling grateful, June knelt and yanked the sagging flesh length of
Henry's penis through the slit in the front of his underwear and gave
the tip of his penis a resounding kiss on the head that echoed
through the room with a smack.

"Thanks, Mr. Wee Wee."

Henry was hypnotized by June's ta tas as she rose, shoving them
against him, kissing his cheek.

"You do love Grandma's big fucking titties, don't you, Henry?" June
asked rhetorically, moving away from Henry and gathering up her
discarded clothing. "I'm going to jump in the shower, sweetie. You
can watch if you want."

"Holy fucking shit, I love wee wee camp!" Henry exclaimed, not
needing a second invitation.

June once more took hold of Henry's wee wee and gently tugged him
across the room and into the bathroom, only letting go of him in
order to turn on the water and adjust the temperature of it before
removing her panties and climbing in. Leaving the curtain open, she
smiled wantonly at Henry as she took hold of the washcloth and bar of
soap, beginning to lather it up in her hands and cleanse herself.
Henry, his mouth hanging open in amazement at the sight before him,
took a seat on the closed lid of the toilet, almost instinctively
reaching for his wee wee and wrapping thumb and forefinger around it,
placing them just below the head.

June was singing, "La la la la! Granny's soaping up the mountaintops!
And Henry's wee wee likey's! Doesn't he, big fellow?"

She took the bar of Dial, running it across the pebbles of her
nipples and then into her frighteningly deep cleavage, the Bermuda
Triangle of lost wee wees, that space between her gargantuan globes
that had enticed many a wee wee, even her grandson's, in the past.
June's teats swayed as she lathered them, the skin rippling across
the surface of her jugs, the area that Ward had dubbed, surely while
being in between them, "Tittie Terrain." Henry's tongue hung from his
mouth and almost touched the floor, his eyes the size of saucers as
he roughly stroked and pulled on the skin of his twelve inch slab of
cock, the cock that made him so cocky in everyday life.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Henry called out, working hard as he studied his
grandmother's exposed assets.

His hand was flying up and down the length of his shaft, rubbing
himself furiously as he took in the magnificent view before him.

"Oh, Grandma! Oh! Oh!" he shouted out loud. "I just love this shit."

June winked saucily in her grandson's direction as she finished
attending to her gargantuan tittie globes and moved lower, lathering
her still firm, despite having given birth twice, taut abdomen and
moving lower, the soapy cloth lathering the triangular patch of soft
down that covered her mons veneris, occasionally disappearing between
her still slender thighs, her face frequently turning in Henry's
direction to gauge the effect her ministrations were having on him.
Henry's eyes nearly bulged from their sockets as he witnessed his
grandmother's actions.

June turned to face Henry, throwing water from her bust and the rest
of her body onto the bathroom floor. Swiveling her shoulders, she
shook her heavy bags of flesh violently and Henry had to admit that
seeing the sheer weight of them bound and pitch on her chest was
almost scary. June was a woman whose titanic tittie sacks seemed to
make up about a third of her body weight. Henry was betting that his
grandmother's boobies weighed fifty fucking pounds. Yet they had
barely sagged at all on this 60-year-old pre-geriatric goddess of
tittiedom. When he had handled her watermelons earlier, they had been
soft, but so firm and weighty that he could barely raise them up.
June was capable of crushing his wee wee between them without lifting
a hand to push her twins together.

He worked at his phallic flesh frantically, his fingers flying along
the entire shaft, the sight of his grandmother's tantalizing titflesh
spurring him on, eagerly seeking relief from the pent-up frustration
in his pecker and the increasing size and heaviness overtaking his

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Henry cried out, desperately wanting to end his torment
and release the hot jism now moving rapidly towards the tip of his
helmet-headed warrior.

"Oh, Granny," he moaned, watching June step out of the shower and
wrap herself in the fleecy abundance of the bath towel that was
hanging on the rack beside the shower stall. "I need to come, Granny.
I need to, I need to! Oh! Oh!"

June closed the distance between them, getting down on her knees in
front of him and taking hold of his phallus with her hands placed
strategically between his larger two.

"Oh, Granny, I want to, I want to!" he shouted.

"Oh, Henry, sweetie," said June softly, moving her hand along his
shaft, her other hand reaching out and cupping his huge nutsack,
rubbing its down-covered, wrinkled surface with the inside edge of
her thumb, stroking it, teasing it, driving Henry nearly to the brink.

"Do you want Granny to suck it, sweetie?" she asked Henry in a low
voice, raising her face to see his, taking in his reaction and
smiling salaciously.

"Oh, hell, yeah!" Henry whooped excitedly, thrilled at the thought of
her mouth on his pecker. "Fucking A!"

"I'm excited too, baby," June informed him, momentarily taking her
hand off his pecker to reach over and lock the bathroom door. "Now,
where were we? Oh, yeah. I was going to suck your big fucker, wasn't
I? Granny was going to suck on your big wee wee."

June lowered her pretty head, her blonde hair hanging in wet
ringlets, obscuring much of her face from Henry's view. He couldn't
see, but could certainly feel her warm, wet lips as they encircled
the head of his wee wee, locking it in their oral embrace, her tongue
darting out and flicking the always sensitive pee pee hole of his
pecker, his rampant organ responding immediately by increasing in
both length and girth, straining the corners of her mouth with his
oversized male endowment.

"Holy fucking shit, I can't believe this!" Henry cried out, wondering
for a second if he was dreaming, pinching himself on his thigh,
realizing in amazement that he WAS awake and it WAS happening. "Oh,
shit! Granny!"

Fondling his ballsack with her free hand, she continued to exert oral
pressure on his phallus until he was bucking where he sat, his hips
thrusting towards her open and willing mouth.

Removing her lips from his shaft, she lapped at his warrior head,
licking it feverishly, like an ice cream cone on a hot July
afternoon, frantically lapping at it as though she were attempting to
keep the ice cream from running down the sides of the cone and onto
her hands.

Henry flinched with every flick of her tongue, her attention to his
wee wee so acutely pleasant that he could barely stand it. All he
could do was utter low, gutteral animal sounds and the occasional
whimper. She poked the underside of his cock with the tip of her
tongue, right below the head, the spot so sensitive that Henry
thought that perhaps he wouldn't be able to bear it even a second
longer. But he wasn't about to let go and climax now. He was enjoying
this far too much to even dream of allowing it to end. June moved
lower, her tongue flicking repeatedly against the tender skin of his
scrotum, tickling him, tantalizing him, tormenting him, teasing him,
taking him so close to the edge that a dribble of pre-cum appeared at
his urethral orifice, suspended there until her tongue flicked out
and captured it, swallowing it, smiling sweetly.

"Oh, sweetie, you need to come, baby," replied June, once more
opening her mouth and engulfing him, taking in as much of him as she
was able to, the tip of his jumbo johnson poking the back of her

"Oh, I want to, I want to!"

"Oh, Henry, you really do need to come, don't you?"

The pre-cum seeping from his wee wee head trickled down the back of
her throat, spurring her onwards. Sucking him with all the force she
could muster, June soldiered on, laboring to accept as many of his
full twelve inches as she could manage.

"Oh, suck me, Granny, suck me!" Henry urged, not at all reticent
about what was occuring, not caring if what she was doing was
wrong. "Suck my big fucking wee wee! Oh, fuuuuccckkkk, I think I'm

And he did. The full force of his ejaculation splashed on the back of
June's throat, trickling down in copious amounts, causing her to have
to swallow often and still not be able to handle it all, having to
allow some to leak from the corners of her mouth and trickle down
onto her jiggling jugs, running in riverlets through the chasm that
was her cleavage.

"Holy fucking shit!" Henry yelled out loud, not caring who heard him,
not caring about anything except the amazing sensations exploding in
his body, the full load of his jism rocketing in jet streams from his
pee wee head, spilling from his grandmother's lips and tracing a path
through her cleavage.

Finally spent, Henry leaned back against the toilet tank, lost in the
afterglow of his orgasm, his mind a blank, his body a mass of
sensations, all of them pleasant.

"Holy shit, that was a doozy!" he said weakly, not sure he could move
if he wanted to.

June let his male organ slip from between her lips with an audible,
wet sound, the suction breaking as her lips pulled away from his
already waning erection.

"Now, sweetie," said June, raising her head and resting her hands on
Henry's knees. "Did that feel good to wee wee, baby?"

"Holy fucking shit, do you need to ask?" Henry answered her
incredulously. "I think that's the best fucking wash I've ever had,
and I've had some great ones.

"Well then," said June, her demeanor somber as if she was teaching
him something important. "Always remember, that if it feels good,
baby, it can't be wrong, okay?"

"Blow jobs are the best gift to give to a visiting wee wee, poopsie,"
June stated, her face only inches from his waning hard-on that was
shiny and as slick as glass. "And we got pretty familiar earlier when
we tested out the mattress, didn't we, Big Dick?"

June softly spoke as she leaned over lovingly and gave his wee wee a
deafeningly loud kiss on the head, almost as a congratulations for
his intense eruption of the fluid she had evoked from him with her

"Oh, Grandma," Henry managed to moan as June Humper began to lap at
the underside of his dick again just for a reaction. "Right now my
wee wee is assuring me that that was oh so right. I mean, how can it
be wrong when it feels so fucking right. Ohhhhhhh, shit. This weekend
is going to kill me, Grandma. My wee wee may need to retire after
this week."

"Oh, baby, isn't wee wee glad he came to visit Grandma Big Tits?"
June asked Henry as her tongue traced a path down the underside of
his penis just beneath the head and her right hand played with his
swollen mushroom knob at the same time.

June's boobies slapped together noisily as she sent tinges of joy
through Henry's semi-soft fuckstick. Henry's hands dropped to rest on
the swells of her twin camel hump-sized funbags and he groped and
kneaded them needily, his desire for her sizable gifts apparent as
little tickles, like pin pricks leaped smilingly through his cock.

"Grandma, I'm going to lose it again if you don't stop doing that,"
Henry laughed childishly as June's thick lips sucked at the head of
his prick like it was a nipple on a bottle. "I'm warning you." And he
did lose it. "Oh, fuck!"

Henry clamped his hands down on the older lady's tits, her blonde
mane of lovely hair waving as her head moved on his jumbo cock and he
felt growing pressure in his tightened balls and several pleasurable
heavenly bursts. June's mouth, opened wide, thick lips stretched
around him, sucked softly seconds before receiving his bounty. Semen
leaped like a cannon shot through the inside of the tube of his
penis. The sensation of its evacuation made his eyes scrunch closed.
His hands left her boobs and went to the tangle of her still wet hair
as he blasted his delight into her face.

"I'm coming again. Oh, it feels even better than last time! Oh, make
it squirt! My lovegun is firing semen bullets tonight! Oh! Oh!
Squirtsies feel good! Squirtsies tickle and tingle and fly out of my
pee pee pole!"

"Holy fucking shit, Henry. You're a pistol today, tee hee hee," said
June, grabbing a corner of the towel she was wrapped in and wiping
Henry's spooge from her face and hair. "Now that you've shot your
jism all over me, I think I need another fucking shower, tee hee."

"Well, you go ahead and have another shower, Grandma," said Henry in
a weary voice. "I don't think that I could even THINK about coming
again tonight. I think I'm going to go and lie down for a while. Will
you call me in time for dinner?"

"Oh, you'll feel differently after you eat, sweetpea," June told him
with a naughty wink as she whipped off the towel, standing before him
in all her feminine glory. "You just wait and see."

"I don't know, Grandma," said Henry quietly, staring at her boobs,
but seeing that his wee wee remained soft. "I'm so tired. I don't
think I have another one in me."

"Oh, sweetie, of course you do," replied June, moving close to Henry
and embracing him, her breasts pushed upwards and into his face,
close enough that he could stick out his tongue and flick her pert
nipple with it or suck one of her tits if he so chose.

"There's always the possibility of another. You look tired though,
sweetie. Why don't you have a shower too?"

Ten minutes later............

"Oh, fuck! Oh, shit!" squealed Henry from behind the shower curtain,
the water still cascading over the two of them.

"Holy shit, Henry!" exclaimed June in astonished pleasure. "I can't
believe it! That big fucker of yours is hard again!"

"Five times in less than two hours, Henry," June squealed as she
grabbed his naked cock yet again and he pressed his face into her
cleavage to enjoy the size of this beautiful woman.

He could forget she was his grandmother and just enjoy her body
mainly because she made his wee wee feel so good that it caused him
to forget. June had no reservations at all about making his week with
her full of the pleasures of the body. This 60-year-old woman was a
giver. She was his grandma, but she was more than that. June was so
abundantly gifted at her breasts, her titties so bloated with beauty
and full of pleasure to give, that Henry and his wee wee didn't give
a shit about anything else but enjoying June and her titan tits.

As Henry pressed June's knockers together and pressed his tongue
between them as June jacked off his pecker, swollen now as much by
her titties as by her rubbing, he knew that this couldn't be a
totally bad thing. If it was totally bad, why did it feel so good
down inside his wee wee? Why did it make June feel so wonderful and
so young again? Henry knew that this week would bring them together,
not just through big titties and big wee wees and other parts coming
together. It would also make both of them see that they had something
sweet and loving to give to each other, to offer up with the most
important parts they possessed. Their bodies. Their wonderfully
overendowed bodies. This made Henry hungry, hungry way down inside
his wee wee. And after dinner he would surely be hungrier.

An hour later, June, Henry and Ward were seated at the large dining
room table in the elder Humper's colonial style dining room, enjoying
a Chinese dinner that Ward had sent out for. Ward was seated at the
head of the table, with June at the other end, and Henry was seated
to June's left.

"Some more fried rice, sweetie?" June asked Henry as her hand reached
out and rested on his thigh, slowly working its way upwards.

"Ohhhhhh," replied Henry, feeling that familiar stirring in his
loins. "I love fried rice. Yes, please."

"Are you all settled in, Henry?" asked Ward, absentmindedly chewing
on a garlic rib. "Is the room comfortable?"

"Gee, Grandpa, the room is just swell," said Henry with a wide
grin. "And the bed sure is comfortable. I tried out the mattress
almost as soon as I got here."

"You sure look tired, Henry," Ward said, noting the dark circles
under his grandson's eyes. "Maybe you didn't take a long enough nap

"He does look worn out, doesn't he, Ward," June tried to suppress a
giggle as she slowly undid his zipper from beneath the table. "I
think he needs a bigggggggggg, lonnnngggggggg, rest tonight, don't
you, Henry?"

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh guessssssss so, Grandma," Henry moaned as he felt her
small hand touch him on his wee wee as she reached inside his
pants. "Cause I feel worn the fuck out right now. That's for sure.
Can I get some more of that fried rice, aaaaahhhhhh, Grandpa?"

"Sure, Henry," Ward jovially answered with a grin. "You sure do love
Chinese, don't you, boy?"

"Oh, shittttttt, yes, I do, Grandpa!" Henry shouted as June squeezed
his balls.

"Shit, Grandma," said Henry, barely able to speak as she used her
hands to manipulate his wee wee and fondle his nutsack. "This is sure
some good fucking rice. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Henry, it really does my heart good to see a boy with an appetite
tuck into a good meal, don't you think so, June?" asked Ward, pleased
that his grandson seemed to be relishing the meal.

"Henry certainly has a huge appetite, Ward," June giggled, giving
Henry a sidelong glance and winking at him conspiratorially. "I've
never known a boy with an appetite as insatiable as his."

Henry's wee wee finally stood at full mast, and June began stroking
the sensitive underside with her long, slender fingers, causing a
reaction so strong in Henry that it was all he could do to remain

"Ohhhh, shit!" cried Henry, his breath already coming in gasps. "This
is some really good shit!"

"I fucking love this motherfucking rice, Grandpa! More! More! Give me
some more fucking rice!" Henry hollered across the table trying to
keep his ass on his seat as the tingles leaped toward the head of his
stretched out stalk as June worked his peter as hard as she could
without alerting Ward to her activity.

"Calm down, Henry," June admonished her grandson with a laugh, never
stopping her jerking on his private parts, her own bulging breasts
lurching slightly under her bra and blouse with the effort of the
hand job, June sighing inwardly as her nipples scrubbed delightfully
against the inside of the cups of her boulder-sized brassiere support
system for the county's biggest fucking knockers. "That boy gets
crazy when he's hungry. He's like an animal when his appetite gets

"Oh, fuck! Oh, shit!" cried Henry, feeling the pent-up jism rising in
the tube of his wee wee, knowing that he was powerless to stop it.

His grandmother's hand on his pecker was relentless, and her
manipulation so expert that he felt like he had died and gone to

"Oh! Oh! Oh! I don't remember ever having fried rice as fucking good
as this before! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

He could no longer hold back, and without much warning, he suddenly
trembled visibly and felt the first jets of ejaculate exit the head
of his wee wee and richochet against the underside of the sturdy
maple table at which they were sitting. June could feel his warm, wet
seed run down the outside of his phallus and saturate her hand,
causing her to reach for a napkin with her free one.

"Ahhhhhhhh," moaned Henry, his orgasm washing over him in
waves. "This is some major good shit!"

Taking another bite of his food, Henry sat back in his chair and
sighed deeply.

"Good meal, such a good meal," he told his grandmother, as the last
of his pent-up load was released. "This was the best meal I've ever
had. Sorry for the outburst."

"It's no problem, Henry," his grandfather Ward said, patting him on
the shoulder. "It's good to have you back for a visit."

"Thanks, Grandpa," Henry weakly replied as he glanced over at June,
feeling his sagging wee wee dripping underneath the dinner
table. "I'm glad I could come."

"Well, I'm glad you could come too," June giggled, leaning towards
him to hug her grandson, her left tittie pressing into his shoulder
and one of her hands going beneath the table again to give his spent
pecker an approving pat on its greatly deflated head. "Whenever you
come, it makes us happy. Right, Ward?"

"Of course," Ward nodded as he finished the last of his Chinese food
and lit a pipe. "We love to have our favorite grandson visit."

"And he has grown so much since last time," June commented.

After the table was cleared, and all the dishes loaded in the
dishwasher, Henry excused himself and went upstairs to try and rest
for a while. His many encounters with his grandmother in so short a
time had left him exhausted, his wee wee was so tired that it hung
limply between his thighs like a piece of rubber. He didn't think he
had ever come this many times in a row, briefly wondering if he might
just have set some sort of Humper family record. Lying down on his
bed, he stretched his arms over his head to relax before folding them
behind his neck, using them as a pillow on which to rest his weary
head. He had only been lying there a few minutes when June knocked on
the door, pushed it open with her foot and entered the room with a
plate of her homemade chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of ice
cold milk.

"Hi, sweetie," June said brightly, carrying the plate towards the bed
where her big-dicked grandbaby was outstretched in nothing but his
boxers and a T-shirt. "I know you had a big dinner, but I thought you
might like a couple of my county famous Humper homemade chocolate
chip cookies. So here you go, sweetheart."

June took a seat beside his outstretched form on the double bed and
sat the plate between them. Henry sat up in bed and leaned back
against the headboard, taking the glass of milk from her and turning
it up for a long drink before he dived into the multitude of cookies.

"I'm tired as fuck, Grandma," Henry moaned, emptying the glass'
contents into his stomach and then slapping it down on a bedside
table. "My wee wee is so fucking tired it feels like I got a noodle
in my underwear."

"You just eat some of Grandma's famous cookies, sweetie," June urged
her grandson. "They always help your grandpa when he's really weary
after a long, hard day's work on the farm."

Henry grabbed a cookie from the proffered plate, raising it to his
mouth and taking it in whole, not even bothering to waste his energy
taking a bite.

"Oh, sweetie," said June, brushing the back of her hand against his
cheek. "Don't eat them so fast, baby. These cookies are meant to be
savored and enjoyed. Kinda like a good blow job, tee hee."

"These are sure some fucking great cookies, Grandma," Henry said,
greedily reaching for a second and devouring it in two bites. "And I
see what you mean. Already I'm feeling a bit less tired.

After Henry had eaten a third and fourth cookie, he suddenly looked
down towards the foot of his bed and was amazed by what he saw.

"Holy shit, Grandma," he said in stunned amazement as his dick stood
like a flag at the front of his boxers. "My fucking pecker's getting
hard again!"

"So I see, sweatheart," his grandmother responded in a husky
voice. "He looks as if he's about as hard as a fucking lead pipe, tee
hee hee."

June reached down with her left hand, insinuating it into the opening
in the front of Henry's boxers and pulling his now almost fully erect
twelve incher through and rubbing it softly with her fingers.
Reluctantly removing her hand from his male organ momentarily, she
unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing, removing it seductively, all
the while keeping her gaze on Henry's face to gauge his reaction.
Throwing her blouse to the floor, she unfastened her large, flowered
bra, her overly abundant breasts spilling out of it, swaying and
bouncing lasciviously, an action that caused Henry to moan quietly,
his wee wee expanding in both length and girth.

"Granny's boom booms are free!" June squealed, bouncing on the bed,
her knees buried in the mattress as they bounded with her excitement,
her heavy, yet still high riding titties jumped, almost seeming to
take flight as they leaped high on June's chest, smacking her chin
one after another and then bounded downward, their weight making them
drop with the momentum, low like heavy sacks of flour falling off of
a shelf, sailing down towards her navel and then flying in opposite
directions, the team of tittie, the dynamic duo of boobiness
separating momentarily, sailing apart, their rosy nipples and areola
already rigid, erect with little nipple hard-ons, moving with her
rippling flesh, as her boobies reunited, clapping forcefully together
like two cymbals made of tittieflesh.

"Oh, Grandma," Henry sighed, the sight before him nearly driving him
to distraction, his grandmother's big bosoms larger than even his own
mother's, and although soft, were still firm, sitting high and proud
on her chest, belying her six decades.

Straddling Henry's upper thighs with her legs, June leaned forward,
her heavy titflesh grazing the soft downy hair on Henry's chest,
tickling his nipples as they shimmeyed and swayed.

"Oh, Grandma," Henry sighed deeply, sexual longing raging through his
young body, his cock standing straight and proud, balls heavy and
semen laden, his mind entering the vast regions of his imagination,
wondering what this voluptuous vixen before him was going to do
next. "What are you doing?"

"Sweetheart," June told him softly, desire evident in her own sweet,
girlish voice. "Want to put your big fucker between Nana's big
fucking titties?"

"Oh, hell, yes, Granny," Henry almost begged, his wee wee as hungry
as he had hoped it would be after dinner.

The youngster's glorious erection jutted up from between his legs,
pressurized and hungry for fuck. The young Humper took fistfuls of
boobieskin in his large hands, kneading her feminine sweatglands like
medicine balls of desire, tugging her erect nipples between thumb and
forefinger till the old broad screeched like an amorous top heavy
animal. Henry could barely take any of her flesh in his grasp, could
barely grab even a smidgen of her two largest charms, her chest
charms that his wee wee longed to be in between, plumbing the
cleavage of his pre-senior citizen tittie queen. Henry tugged on the
bottoms of her frighteningly wonderful orbs and turned her over to
her backside to take the reins of this carnal ride through a mountain

Henry quickly shrugged out of his boxers, fumbling in his hurry to
free himself from their confines. Still attempting to hold her
enormous bounty in his large hands and failing, so huge was she that
she couldn't be contained by even his large hands, her titflesh
overflowing his grasp like the head of foam on a beer slipping down
the outer surface of the glass. Shoving his wee wee roughly into the
place between the Grand Tetons of all mammaries, he immediately
exerted pressure on the outer surfaces of her overflowing tittie
bounty, forming a sheath around his dick that was so tight, he almost
came spontaneously.

"Ohhhhh, this feels so fucking good to my wee wee!" he screamed out,
beginning to move within her deep cleavage canyon, his entire twelve
inches devoured by her hungry breasts, lost from view, except when he
thrust, causing the head of his wee wee to rise above the upper
contours of her breasts and smack her on the lower portion of her

"Number seven, here I come, you big tittied bitch!" Henry yelled,
driving his wee wee far into her cleavage until he felt his hard-on
touch her puckered lips. "I'm a seven fucker, you Boom Boom Baby! I
love balling these babies and wee wee's going to squirt his seventh
time in two and a half hours! You see what your titties can do,

"Oh, Henry, slide that horsecock as high as you can. Work that
firehose of yours as deep as you can between 'em, good fucker and
I'll suck your dick. You fuck and I'll suck. You fuck my big suckers
and I'll suck your big fucker. What do ya say, baby?"

"Unnnhhhhh! Unnnnnhhhhhh! Go for it, Granny! Go Granny, go Granny,
go!" Henry slid up her frame, holding her twin humps and humping her
humps anxiously, the power of her cleavage growing his cock.

Henry thrust between her twin towers frantically, the sensations
coursing through his pecker so excrutiatingly pleasurable that he
wanted relief, but not sure he could stand for the sweet torture to

"Ohhhhhh, fuck!" he screamed out, his buttocks flailing as he drove
himself deeper into the warm softness of her flesh balloons, his wee
wee poking out the other side with every thrust.

As June saw it rising towards her face, she naughtily jutted out her
tongue, just quick enough to give the mushroom tip of his warrior a
quick lick betore it once more disappeared from view.

"Oh, wee wee me, Henry! Wee wee my big fucking titties!" June
screamed out, her breasts warming her entire body with the heat
produced by the friction between both of their oversized body
parts. "Dick my big titties with your big fuckstick, Henry.

Henry's breathing was like a locomotive, his wee wee like a train
entering a tunnel, the tunnel being the track between the quivering
gelatin-like masses of bobbing, heaving heaviness. Henry's
grandmother's tits pitched back and forth on her 60-year-old body
like Chelsea Charms in the middle of an earthquake. When Henry
paused, stopping his thrusting for a mere moment, he felt the warm
lips of the tittie matriarch of the Humper family close around the
head of his extended stalk, protracted as she nursed at it like a
nipple on a tittie. Her sucking felt soothing, almost loving in the
midst of the disorder of their frenzied boobie to wee wee contact.

"Motherfucking shit! That's some good shit right there! Let me slide
it, you naughty Granny! But keep that shit up!"

"Oh, slide it, Henry, slide it!" June urged him on, her own
excitement building as she flicked her tongue out, gently probing his
urethral orifice with it.

"Ohhhhhhh, that fucking tickles and tingles, Grandma!" Henry
exclaimed excitedly, feeling his impending orgasm begin, the semen
building in the tube of his wee wee, forcing its way towards the head
of his shaft.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" he grunted, a thin sheen of perspiration the only thing
separating their melding bodies, providing a natural lubrication to
ease his wee wee's passage through his grandmother's tittie tunnel.

"Holy motherfucking shit, I'm commmmminnnngggggg!" he yelped, the
first jet sprays of his baby batter exiting the end of his pecker,
coating the lower portions of his grandmother's pretty face with its
stickiness, the excess running down her cheeks and splashing onto her
gigantic tittie globes.

"Spit, wee wee, spit!" June laughed, Henry's wee wee still crammed
between her whoppers as it spit on her excitedly, blasting into her
blonde hair, squirting on her lips, in her mouth and then giving her
a pearl necklace, the semen pooling on her chin and racing into her
cleavage track as it had earlier in the bathroom. Henry's cum flew
over her head, splashing the headboard and then going still higher,
splattered on the wall and ran downward with the force of
gravity. "Squirt, baby! Squirt, baby! Squirt, baby! Squirt, squirt,

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh,!
Shittttttttt! It's squirting all over the fucking place!"

As the power of the ejaculation waned, the last excretions doused the
sharp tips of his grandmother's jugs as almost a final paean to them.

Now exhausted beyond words, Henry moved from his position atop June
and rolled to her side, lying there, spent, worn, weary, tired, but
happy, basking in the afterglow of his explosive orgasm.

"Wow, I'm a seven fucker!" he said excitedly, despite his extreme
weariness. "Wow, Grandma, you sure do put the fun in dysfunctional!"

Resting on his back, Henry placed his arms behind his head and sighed
deeply, feeling sated finally, his horniness diminished, his wee wee
drooping limply against his left thigh, thoroughly spent from having
achieved orgasm seven times within only the space of a few hours.
June lay beside him, reaching towards the nighttable for her
cigarettes, lighting one with the disposable lighter that she stored
inside the pouch.

"Grandma, I didn't know you still smoked," said Henry in surprise. "I
thought you gave that up."

"Oh, I did, sweetheart. My doctor said that I really needed to quit.
Now I only smoke after sex and I'm down to only two packs a day, tee
hee hee."

"Ha ha ha ha!" Henry laughed as he watched June wipe her titties
clean of jism with a wet washcloth and then dry them with a towel
before lying down yet again beside him.

"This is the best day of my life, Granny. I may never come again. I
love your titties. They even dwarf Mom's knockers."

Henry slid closer to his grandmother, resting his head against June's
big right boob almost like a little baby looking for rest and repose.

"Oh, Henry," June cooed, patting the back of his head with her hand
while reaching between his legs with the other to pat his wee wee
with the damp washcloth. "You are Granny's little tittie baby. If it
were up to me, I would keep you here for good. We'd make sure those
pipes of yours always stayed cleaned out. Oh, wee wee's tired, isn't
he, Henry? That seven fucker is all humped out, all spit out, all
tittied out. Ohhhhhhh."

They lay there together in silence, trying to regain strength after
their sexual marathon. Suddenly, they heard Ward's voice calling out
from the bottom of the staircase that joined the two floors of the
elder Humper's home.

"Henry!" he called out. "Your Mom's on the phone! Can you take the

"Thanks, Grandpa. I got it," replied Henry, raising the upper half of
his torso and reaching for the extension phone that sat on the night
table on his side of the bed. "Hello?"

"Henry, sweetie," he heard his mother's sweet voice coo on the other
end of the line. "How are you, baby? How was your flight? Did
everything go okay? Are you having fun?"

"Shit, Mom. How about one question at a time?" Henry laughed,
suddenly aware that his grandmother once more had her hand on his
still flaccid male member, stroking it absentmindedly as she listened
to him speak on the phone.

"My flight was fine, Mom," Henry continued, feeling his limp organ
quiver and begin to swell once again. "Everything went great. I even
took a stewardess in the bathroom and fucked her standing up. Grandma
was there to meet me at the airport and yes, I'm having a lot of fun.

"Henry, does your grandmother have her hand on your pecker by any
chance?" Hilda asked her youngest child, giggling girlishly. "Is she
playing with my big boy's wee wee?"

June cupped Henry's down covered scrotum in her other hand, still
stroking his pecker, amazed that it was continuing to swell and grow,
despite his repeated orgasms.

"Mom?" Henry said in a weary, but not unhappy voice. "I'm having a
great time. Don't worry about me. Can I call you back in a little

"Why, what's up, Henry?" Hilda asked, disappointed at not being able
to speak to the boy she so overly indulged. "Must you go?"

"Yeah, I really do have to go, Mom," he responded, his pecker now
standing at full mast once again. "There's something I have to do,
and Nana is going to give me a hand."

Henry clicked the phone off and let it fall to the floor as his cock
leaped up higher than it had before in a superhuman feat of
erectness. Hung like a horse, Henry smiled at his rigidity and June
returned the smile. June Humper stood and pulled the covers down on
the bed and threw herself to her back. She beamed naughtily as she
pushed her bosom buddies together forcefully.

"Oh, Henry, it's so fucking big, baby. I don't think we ought to
waste a big slab of a hard dick like that, sweetie. I think you just
might have eight squirts in that pee pee pole of yours. What do you
say, Henry? You want to test out the firmness of your mattress again,
good fucker?"

"Oh, I sure do, Granny," Henry said anxiously as June's panties
landed on the floor atop his boxers. "I think we ought to wear this
fucker out."


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